Sunday, January 29, 2012

Desert Rose

Desert rose
I can’t please you with my words
As we came from 2 different worlds
Mine was devoid of reality
No inspiration around me
And yours was full of those
Desert rose
Is it a crime?
I use my blade
To watch you bleed
end up in a Bouquet
is it a crime?
Diva pink rose
To take your petals
One by one
She loves me still
She loves me not
What are the odds?
Your petals odd
And she loved me
Desert rose
Is it a crime?
Watch you dry out
End up between pages
About love or history
In a dusty library
Desert rose
Is it a crime
You’re just a rhyme
I’ll cut you not
As she read this
I’ll make you a memory
For eternity

Monday, January 23, 2012


i got haunted
1000 demons
Inside my  spirit
They  just stayed
For their empress
They just prayed
That the last
Only freeman
Will worship her
Like they does
So they whispered in my ears
All the lies and all the fears
You just love her don’t you know
To her chamber you must go
Confess your love  then you bow
As her eyes is your quests
She’s a beauty she’s the best
She’s the goddess of all lust
And So i did
In the chamber as i prayed
That she loved me as they said
All those princes all around her so why me
Then she arose on her throne
They are right She’s the best
Now to please her is my quest
As her eyes and those eyelashes
They are swords
And as she blinked
As they flashes
My heart was torn
She enslaved me
So I fell for these eyes
And I took all the lies
She did love me
And I did
On the throne
As I set
Like Odysseus on his boat
To the throne I got chained
Hours and hours I remained
In peaceful silence
With a smile on my face
As she’s talking all the grace
With her voice
her sweet  words
They just lure
She must rule
All of me
Dark of hair
To the knees
Like the tail
Wild of horse
As she smiles
Your heart flies
Just her and me
And her cheeks
Red the apple
While her lips
Ripe the berries
Then your heart
Is on fire
Just get closer
Feel her breath
Touch her skin
In her heart
 melt within
And those demons
Are your thoughts
Since you met her
Feelings grows
As you stand
Before this empress
You just fall on your knees
And you whisper baby please
Just release me
From all my fears
All those tears I would weep
My heart  melts
My soul  creeps
If you don’t love me like I do
So she smiled
Cold of heart
You got me wrong
What I meant
 I see in you a good friend
I was shocked
As I looked
Into her eyes
How I took all these lies
She’s a princess
And what am i
That she don’t love me
I am just nothing
I dropped dead
But she just kissed me
On the lips
Holy smoke holly kiss
She revived me
And she released me from all doubt
She just wanted to be sure
That I wanted her only more
Than she wants me
All was real what they told me
That she loved me
So I did
It’s a start
Not the end

Sunday, January 22, 2012

morning flight night date

Be my guest
All night long
Be my baby
Be my song
By the ocean
Let’s just dance
On this sweet night
Hold me tight
Don’t let go
Squeeze my right
Let me feel you
In my heart
On the table
Pour me wine
I’m your drugs
Do a line
Let’s just talk
Ill make you smile
So Make me laugh
With words of love
In my ears
As you whisper
Baby please
Set my fire
Ill get you down
Ill get you higher
In this glance
Crack the glasses
All night long
Let’s just fall
For each other
By the flames Of desire
Cold of moon
Hot of sun
Walk me home
Be my escort
Be my guard
Be sweet memory
In my mind
Now at the door
Still want some more
You’re the sea
I’m the shore
I just love you
And you love me I’m sure
One sweet night
Just a lure
Keeps me going
Until the Moring
Ill just miss you
Aint no fun
Will you call me when you’re  gone

i'm feeling home

In the middle of this storm
As I'm marching all alone
Rain is pouring
Lightening is striking
On the sideways
As I’m walking
Streets turns shores
Its all crazy
It just lures
Everyone is frightened
Hope is freezing
But in my heart
I feel warm
My steps are fast
Down this street
On my bed
Lies my sweet heart
So I’m relieved
In few seconds
In his arms
This storm shatters
In his arms
I'm feeling home

shades of blue

Alone at night
Under the moon light
Everything around me is blue
Dark of blue and bright
As I hold your flowers
A thorn cut my thump
I remembered our vows
And how they lifted me up
As we both said our love
For eternity will endure
It’s all lies
as i'm crying
my eyes drys
my chest is swollen
as i sigh
more tear drops
oh dear agony
have we met
are we friends
annoying guest
you can't stay over
please just quit me
please just stop
Now you’re gone
Years and years
In our sky there is no sun
I couldn’t smile nothing’s fun
Since your gone
As I wonder in my tears
As I’m drowning in my fears
That you hurt me that you cheated
If our love endured all this years
Our moments. They’re still magic
They are still pure
In my heart they’re still lures
And now you’re gone
For how long this pain endures

Saturday, January 21, 2012

last message that we sent

Last time when we split
Shaking hands
As we wept
How did you feel ?
And how I felt
What a crime
To commit
And what I thought
Wrap my hand
Silk white gauze
Wound of departure
Its just torture
On my hand
Will be kept
As they close
With the sands
As am dead
throwings sands
on my pit
The last bless
My hand touched
Was your hand
And your light
in my grave will be kept
What a crime to commit
No more we no more us
No winners here
We both lost
We’re both lost
You I lost
You my dream
You my realm
Both were lost
Turned to dust
What a crime to commit
My redemption is my guilt
Your salvation
Is To forget
In my hell
That I create
Burning lonely
What a waste
As I lost you
What I crime to commit
Many years
As we’re 80
If I saw you
Will I know you?
Your eyes wrinkled
Our site mingled
If you saw me
Will you sigh?

Ill just smile
At all old ladies
One of them
Might be you
You smile back
Then I’m blessed
And my hell
Will grow olives
Will grow weeds
River flows
In the middle
Both sides roses
From my eyes
With a smile
Those my tears
In my hell
Ill just wonder
Ill just suffer
What a crime to commit
Only dream that I had
Turned a memory
On my hand
Deep in the sands
As I wonder
What a crime to commit
We didn’t fight
We both lost
what a crime
no repent
a mistake
a regret

sealed with a kiss!!

Lips ripe like berries
As they lures
As you approach
Beware of a sharp nose
Just stand still
As you’re standing
Before the charm
Of slowly dancing
Borders of hell
Twinkling crystal
Deep ocean blue eyes
As she smiles
Shooting stars
Sun rays sliding
Showing her ears
Dangling 2 hearts
Orb of diamonds
round the white of her nick
The gorgeous  mistress
That winy red dress
Waving as you're dancing
couples all around you
fading in this miss
Don’t waste another second
Express you love to your princess
Wait another second
Then seal it with a kiss!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


My love
easy with me
My prince
Can’t you see
I’m deeply in love
But am shallow about love
And you’re my 1st story
I’d like to remember it
With ultimate glory
As I give myself up
Be patient with us
I’m ready to go
All the way
And after this
You might not stay
So fly me to chastity and back
Like a  thief’s attack
On a sacred garden
Enjoy the sight of my smile
As you approach me I sigh
As you kiss me
My imagination would go dry
Before the sun is up
My noble thief
You’ll have to leave
Our tryst must stay
 Wrapped in the dark

this aura of you kiss

As Im drowning
In this aura
Of our tryst
Don’t left me up
Let me faint
Between your arms
As you hold me
Ill dream of us
In your arms
The safest place
My pupils moves
As im dreaming
On my lips
A tender kiss
Would wake me up
Dream within dream
Its all the same
Dreams won’t last
By the morning
We’ll be apart
But ill be still drowning
With your kiss
My eyes are shining
With your bless