Monday, January 16, 2012

dark blue diamond

t killed me inside so much times the aidea of u being with somebody else and all i can hold on too is a bottle to ease the stinking corpse of desires and falute hopes emirged in whiskey smells and weed scent. but it did kill me. turned ma heart into a ghost town flauting of raging feelings and am out of aim. but it did killed me and u can give me back ma captured soul. and exorce the devils thats swimm in ma blood since u 1st did sweep under ma skin. but it did kill me inside when u r outta site with somebody else turned ma world to a graveyard full of barcking
dogs and screaming crows. it did kill me inside ur last words.
and it did kill me more ur lies when u look to me straight in ma eyes and said u wonna let go.
but it killed me the most ur 1st words
when u said to me u'll be mine forever and now we're apart
it killed me ur eyes lookin the other way fearing to meet ma eyes
it killed me u be mesrible without me but killed me more beying happy with someone else.
It killed me slavery to money and obeying the sparkle of gold
It killed me how much u have but how few u gave.
it killed me and still killing me u r alone again but am no longer iteressted.
It killed me rejecting u when u wanted me back
It killed me so much times b4 and no turning back
It killed me the sight of u begging for me back
And it would kill me taking u back
Coz its outta ma hand u said and don’t want u back
So keep it this way and dig the grave nothing for u there and the killed will never be back
Just take those roses and the words of meaningless and give me ur back and cry away
Coz am killed and those tears wont grow grass on the soil of ma grave
And those roses will sure dry out and die coz nothing is left here

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