Saturday, January 21, 2012

last message that we sent

Last time when we split
Shaking hands
As we wept
How did you feel ?
And how I felt
What a crime
To commit
And what I thought
Wrap my hand
Silk white gauze
Wound of departure
Its just torture
On my hand
Will be kept
As they close
With the sands
As am dead
throwings sands
on my pit
The last bless
My hand touched
Was your hand
And your light
in my grave will be kept
What a crime to commit
No more we no more us
No winners here
We both lost
We’re both lost
You I lost
You my dream
You my realm
Both were lost
Turned to dust
What a crime to commit
My redemption is my guilt
Your salvation
Is To forget
In my hell
That I create
Burning lonely
What a waste
As I lost you
What I crime to commit
Many years
As we’re 80
If I saw you
Will I know you?
Your eyes wrinkled
Our site mingled
If you saw me
Will you sigh?

Ill just smile
At all old ladies
One of them
Might be you
You smile back
Then I’m blessed
And my hell
Will grow olives
Will grow weeds
River flows
In the middle
Both sides roses
From my eyes
With a smile
Those my tears
In my hell
Ill just wonder
Ill just suffer
What a crime to commit
Only dream that I had
Turned a memory
On my hand
Deep in the sands
As I wonder
What a crime to commit
We didn’t fight
We both lost
what a crime
no repent
a mistake
a regret

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