Sunday, January 22, 2012

morning flight night date

Be my guest
All night long
Be my baby
Be my song
By the ocean
Let’s just dance
On this sweet night
Hold me tight
Don’t let go
Squeeze my right
Let me feel you
In my heart
On the table
Pour me wine
I’m your drugs
Do a line
Let’s just talk
Ill make you smile
So Make me laugh
With words of love
In my ears
As you whisper
Baby please
Set my fire
Ill get you down
Ill get you higher
In this glance
Crack the glasses
All night long
Let’s just fall
For each other
By the flames Of desire
Cold of moon
Hot of sun
Walk me home
Be my escort
Be my guard
Be sweet memory
In my mind
Now at the door
Still want some more
You’re the sea
I’m the shore
I just love you
And you love me I’m sure
One sweet night
Just a lure
Keeps me going
Until the Moring
Ill just miss you
Aint no fun
Will you call me when you’re  gone

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