Monday, January 16, 2012

my best jeans

These r my best JEANS ,I was high on some stuff I don’t even remember.
Me and ma thugs just hit the roads we found ourselves at ALEXANDRIA.
We hit the mall 1st then at the gate I saw that gurl. She was getting out I was going in, me and ma drugged eyes out, Red.
She and her blue eyes. For few seconds we just stared. Then I realized its rude so I looked away. Then I realized its stupid , she was goin so I moved aside.
She said one thing, welcome I mean yes I mean thx, then she smiled and went on her way.
My best jeans were on, and we got few beers, then suddeny at the sunset I was at sea, MEDITRIAN SEA, he opened his arms and said comeone. like follow the sun..
Trust me and follow the sun, ill take u to italy or spain or france or greek or Syria or Lebanon or the outgoverned HOLYLANDS of PALESTINE. I had my knife of me that day I didn’t have any swimming suits, so I cut my jeans, turned it into shorts. Like the idiot I closed ma eyes with voice of the waves and and lyrical winds complex, I just hit the water, laughing like the crazy.these r my best JEANS. They were blue ocean deep, time went on, its still my best JEANS. It's clear sky ill always remember her smile. And if we meet again id tell her, I had the sea to hit, and i hit your eyes. Am not afraid of the sea, but those eyes of you terrified me. Finally me and ma thugs were at the edge of the beach hitting the wet sands of ALEXANDRIA. The moon was out, and I followed the signs and the speed limits, back to CAIRO, all the way I swimmed into another eyes, those eyes id hit, ill trust them and follow the moon, even if I ended in hell. Those r my best jeans am not giving'em away.

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