Wednesday, January 18, 2012

prayer of dispair...

prayer of dispair...
oh my lord almighty
as i look down with shame
left my head tenderly
so i look up with dipair
through these dark of clouds
as you see me
could our eyes met
out of reverence
i look forward with hope
and with faith
i'd never look back
one touch of your grace
between me and you
all this space
all my guilt
heavy as mountains
but deep in my heart
to you my Lord i pray
all night and every day
all this space
but i know
i was told
you're closer to me than my veins
i breeth your blessings
runing the lungs to head to toes
but i'm just sad today
hoping as i pray
hoping my words wont go astray
as one touch.. one fast tocuh of your grace
would draw a smile on my face


  1. This one really moved me... It touches some painfu chords within me!! You are a wonderful poet!!

  2. thanks a lot you're skilled talented poet yourself :D