Tuesday, January 17, 2012

remember... remember the crulety of december

Remember…  remember
My baby my inspirer
When you yearn
When you’re lonely
When you find
That you want me
In the dark of the night
To your heart you won’t hold tight
It’s a dept you’ll have to pay
May be tomorrow
Or some day
When you yearn when you miss me
Lurk around
But you won’t find me
So remember remember
In the cold of December
Hope is lost
Faith turns dust
chastity... lust
Remember remember
Your treason and how you left me
As you tried to let go of me
And as  you watched
My heart just splinter
Its just killed
You didn’t felt me
Just remember remember
In the dark of the night
As it storms with no light
white of ice is just a fright
wind is whistling
tree branches fight
to our hearts
we can't hold tight
in the cruelty of december
 just remember
My baby is my murderer


  1. So sad, so beautiful... loved the way you conveyed the emotions!!