Monday, January 16, 2012


my heart
you took it and left me pain in the shape of a heart
pumping sorrow through my veins
makes me weak
i couldn't speak
as you left me you took my brain
and left a hollow in the space of my brain that explodes
with a scream a silent one when you were gone
about a dream
of you and me
once i had
its all mad
when you left me you took my dreams
and what you've left me just a dream that again once
again i may dream
and the hollow in my brain can't contain how you lied
how you tried to convince me with a word that you called
when she said she loved me for ever
you left a rose that just rose all the way to the heavens
as you left me you left a cry in the spheres of my eye as it pouring
years and years scarred my cheeks down the rips broke my hips
as i held you in my arms when your spirit left your body i cant believe
you've just died in my arms why you died you destoyed me
near the rose that you left ill just rest cause what you left just remains
of a man that was sane you left a kiss on my lips you left your scent i wont forget tightly
kept on your dress that reminds me as we danced as you hold me what you've left
just a memory ill recall till it i die or it kills me
until then by the rose ill let a scream in a dream as i fainted please come back
can you hear me
oh sweet god i've lost faiht i did wrong im your servant show your mercy wont you save me
and he did its all fake what you've read as a stoned when i wrote it now i'm sober
she's not dead here's the truth would you hear me
my life sucked when she met me my world rocks with what she does
she's a fox in the wild she's a knight on her ride just as slim
just as light as we dance as she huged me
oh my god she’s a diamond on a ring she’s a pearl in an oester down the ocean
just as deep just as precious when she thinks when she feels as she laughs as she speaks in a dream another realm she creates and there she puts me
we speak sweet we spoke crazy for some time we’re in love we were up all the night by the fire in our hearts fell a sleep on the floor in my arms as she dreams as I snore the next morning I woke up she was gone she just left me
on that spot where she left me I just stared at the door she might come on the floor I will stay till she comes she would find me where she left me
one night came another gone time just run and im there where she left me then I thogut that she just for ever gone . mad I gone there is no fun there’s no truth like a day with no sun cloudy sky.
With a gun in my hand made my mind with that gun on my head closed my eye sqeezed the triger I just shot it was empty both the gun and my head. God’s just saved me
But her smile flashed my eye and her face shined my sky with her name rang my ear and remind me when she said that she loved me litening strikes me my heart stoped then what happened I droped dead
On that spot where she left me opened door she was back found me dead as she shoke me then she cried and she prayed oh sweet jesus do your thing I did wrong I love him he loves me now he’s gone cried some more then she kissed me I came back
As we huged as we cried as we promised to hold tight asked her why about the reason why she left me
Hear her now just as crazy made a story why she’s gone and how she missed me when she did she came back
Out of country I just flew on a plain across the ocean to a countrey has great mountains as we landed it got sad wished you with me mad idea I just had that my absence give you chance that you miss me im sorry that’s my bad just forgive in that contry I went shopping I went dancing with some friends that just loves me at the hotel I get drunk on my bed thinking of you wished you with me cried a river wished you missed me till I sleep every night you were with me spent a month in that country with my friends that’s just bores me and I missed you then as planned we went camping on that montain saw an eagle flying high just remind me how it feels what you make me saw a rabit with her boys did remind me just how tender that you treat me top of montain there was snow wraped with clouds that remind me how it calms me when you hold me then wind blow on my face I got cold I got lonely so I went to the tent where my friends time was spent all these hours I was out no one missed me. We had beer we had wine I got drunk we played cards it was fun and I lost as they said lucky in cards sad in love we just laughed we had beer we smoked weed I was stoned all this time with those friends in my heart I was lonely wished you with me we had crack we got twisted and got scrampled all we said we didn’t sleep we droped dead had a dream just cold stone that was me with no feeling what I’ve done its no fun all this time I was gone he wont miss me he would hate me I woke up out of tent cigarit I just cried stared the moon just as bright that you loved me and you miss me just as far where you are so I yearned I just missed you I came back just a criminal on my knees I am guilty im your slave just forgive me.
Atta story atta girl if was real would I buy it like a fool sure I will that is love based on lies speak the truth you’re a fool game is lost so I bought it and I smiled on my knees so I went tip of fingers on the chin raised her head eye to eye we just stared at each other doesn’t matter we’re togeather so we kissed.
She’s a fox in the wild she’s a knight on her ride she’s a princess she inslaved me with her words when 1st met me was just slippery like a fish she’s a witch threw her spells on my heart I just loved her I don’t care I would follow her every where she inslaved me
Then she left me its all fake here’s the truth aint no poem it’s a drag and I draged for the reason why she left me end of story I was riding she went down off the train caught my eye door was locked I got shocked she’ll be gone so I looked throw the window oh my god she’s an angel that I lost then I saw her kissed boyfriend it was love in my heart that was born at 1st site in instant lived and died and she was gone.

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