Sunday, January 22, 2012

shades of blue

Alone at night
Under the moon light
Everything around me is blue
Dark of blue and bright
As I hold your flowers
A thorn cut my thump
I remembered our vows
And how they lifted me up
As we both said our love
For eternity will endure
It’s all lies
as i'm crying
my eyes drys
my chest is swollen
as i sigh
more tear drops
oh dear agony
have we met
are we friends
annoying guest
you can't stay over
please just quit me
please just stop
Now you’re gone
Years and years
In our sky there is no sun
I couldn’t smile nothing’s fun
Since your gone
As I wonder in my tears
As I’m drowning in my fears
That you hurt me that you cheated
If our love endured all this years
Our moments. They’re still magic
They are still pure
In my heart they’re still lures
And now you’re gone
For how long this pain endures

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