Monday, January 23, 2012


i got haunted
1000 demons
Inside my  spirit
They  just stayed
For their empress
They just prayed
That the last
Only freeman
Will worship her
Like they does
So they whispered in my ears
All the lies and all the fears
You just love her don’t you know
To her chamber you must go
Confess your love  then you bow
As her eyes is your quests
She’s a beauty she’s the best
She’s the goddess of all lust
And So i did
In the chamber as i prayed
That she loved me as they said
All those princes all around her so why me
Then she arose on her throne
They are right She’s the best
Now to please her is my quest
As her eyes and those eyelashes
They are swords
And as she blinked
As they flashes
My heart was torn
She enslaved me
So I fell for these eyes
And I took all the lies
She did love me
And I did
On the throne
As I set
Like Odysseus on his boat
To the throne I got chained
Hours and hours I remained
In peaceful silence
With a smile on my face
As she’s talking all the grace
With her voice
her sweet  words
They just lure
She must rule
All of me
Dark of hair
To the knees
Like the tail
Wild of horse
As she smiles
Your heart flies
Just her and me
And her cheeks
Red the apple
While her lips
Ripe the berries
Then your heart
Is on fire
Just get closer
Feel her breath
Touch her skin
In her heart
 melt within
And those demons
Are your thoughts
Since you met her
Feelings grows
As you stand
Before this empress
You just fall on your knees
And you whisper baby please
Just release me
From all my fears
All those tears I would weep
My heart  melts
My soul  creeps
If you don’t love me like I do
So she smiled
Cold of heart
You got me wrong
What I meant
 I see in you a good friend
I was shocked
As I looked
Into her eyes
How I took all these lies
She’s a princess
And what am i
That she don’t love me
I am just nothing
I dropped dead
But she just kissed me
On the lips
Holy smoke holly kiss
She revived me
And she released me from all doubt
She just wanted to be sure
That I wanted her only more
Than she wants me
All was real what they told me
That she loved me
So I did
It’s a start
Not the end

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