Monday, January 16, 2012

Vivid Tryst

There they stood
before each other
2 young lovers
Secret tryst
In the forest
Her heart twist
He can’t resist
to the thighs
In the lake
As they sighed as they smiled
To each other
The lake just waved in the shape of a heart
As they kissed
a vivid tryst
Up above
As she looked
into his eyes
With desire
as he bends
so he kiss her
was it water all around them
it was set into blue fire
dancing by the rhythm of their desire
how they felt
no one knows
to Elysium
Their love grows
far behind them
in the middle
was a volcano
as it ruptures
as the lava
reach the lake
to the right and to the left
2 different worlds just collided
Short white dress
He dressed all black
As she stood
In the right
With a deer
And a horse to the left
In the sky
The jealous sky
Just described how they felt
As white clouds and darker ones
Just collided in the middle
While the sun to the right
With its heat burning up
And the moon the cold moon to the left
2 young lovers
How they felt
when they kissed
A thousands stars
Shined on them
it should be bright
they just hold tight
its just right
so all around them
Light was dim
Just 2 bottles
Of fresh water
Red of ink blue of ink
And as they kissed
into the water
Ink was spilled
And as they’re kissing
Into the water It just spreads

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