Monday, January 16, 2012

white white white girl

Let me tell you something about this girl
I only saw her twice
Once alone I was
The second with a friend
a bad bad bad friend of mine
It was daytime
In the way back home
In the back of the bus
There she sat in the right
There I was in the left
Next to window
With cool breeze
I just stared
At the girl
Who’s described
As White white white
In the middle was my friend
As her saw her
What he said
With a smile
She’s beautiful Right?
I just said with a smile
Yes yes yes
Then I saw her
Many years later
For a third time
She was still
White white white
And as I looked
Into her eyes
I couldn’t take it
As her charm
Hit a hammer
On my head
As I looked
On the ground
For three times
I couldn’t stare at her eyes
Then she was gone

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