Friday, February 24, 2012

burnin burnin

On my fire
I’m just staying
All the day
She’s away
And am burnin
I’m just thinkin
In my yearn
When she’s comin
Will she lean
would she shine
a glass of wine
She’ll be mine
Her eyes sparkles
Light the candles
Our souls meet
Talking soft
Talking sweet
As we wander
In the streets
Hands just tangles
That’s her smile
Miles and miles
As we wandered
By the Nile
then in the Nile
we take a boat
with no sail
we're just lying
as we're drifted
hand in hand
and eye to eye
clear the sky
as we looked
at each other
we're just stoned
in our hearts
feeling high
time just fly
the sun sets in
Time to go
She just slips
Through my fingers
We kiss goodbye
On that fire
I’ll be stayin
I’ll be burnin
Till our next date
In my yearn
I’ll just wait

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