Monday, February 6, 2012

Cupid must die

You must die
Once upon a time
A day hot as hell
He threw his arrows to our hearts
He just took our free will
A blind date
A set up
That day was full of disappointments
So he thought
One more won’t harm
Summer sun at noon
Sandy storm monsoon
He waited all day
But the heat made him angry
And helpless
Like it always does
So he decided to go home
For a cold shower
To ease his loss
But cupid fed him more hope
Lies lies lies
It’s now or never
So he waited and waited
Then At the gate
She came
Sparkling of beauty
He followed
And there in the empty room
He felt his heart pumping
For the first time
He felt it
Years from that precious moment
As he recalled her smile
She was the right girl
At the wrong place and time
Just a set up by Cupid
Left him with a memory
And an everlasting agony
Hey Cupid
Die die die

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