Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Love...

I got a letter today
From my love who’s far away
A tissue with his perfume on
Few words asks me to hold on
And a promise he will be back
It’s the seventh letter I received
He should be here by now
It’s the sixth promise he broke
And the seventh to make
I lost faith
And I lost all my power
In despair I devour
So I put his letter upside down
And started writing
Without thinking
I let my heart guides my pin
Dear love
Your letters won’t compensate for your absence
Your perfume can’t kill my loneliness
In the darkest of nights
I can’t hold tight
You were the moon in my sky
Can’t you see the starts are larger?
But for the moon we sing because it’s closer
And now my moon
You are far and high
I can’t go on like this
I don’t want those letters
It’s you I miss
Then my tears started to fall
Wiping all I wrote
It was all gone
What was left of it
Dear love…
And hazy lines
So I wiped my tears with a tissue
And posted a kiss on it
And I wrote
I’ll be waiting for you
Until you’re here
I feel you here

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