Thursday, February 16, 2012

forest gump poem

We’re together
That’s what matters
We belong to each other
Your heart is mine
My all is thine
Our love’s divine
Your words
Sweet and sour
They possesses me
They’re my bible
They just move me
All my being
They devour
We belong to one another
We were fated
For the joy
And the sorrow
We’re the past
And this moment
And tomorrow
We’re the truth
That’s my faith
Hold me tight
All through the night
We’re the light
Melt within me
In my blood
And in yours
The world is mad
It makes us sad
We be the drug
In our veins
We just run
In my heart
You are the one
And now you’re gone
Now you’re gone
Now you’re gone
No more us
As I wept
By your grave
Our special place
The sycamore
Still want you more
All my life
Ill be drifting
Until we meet
In your arms
Will be my shore
And I’ll remember
When we held
Through the fingers
Our sweet whispers
In my ears
They just lingers
Our first kiss
When we opened to each other
Our precious moments
They will last until forever
On my knees
I just fall
Pouring tears
A waterfall
Baby please
I lost my faith
You’re my heaven
And I believed that heaven Lasts forever
I believed that heaven Lasts forever

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