Friday, February 17, 2012


Time… how fast u fly
In a blink of an eye
You just pass by
Today you're born
They laughed
As you cry
How fast you learn
To love and yearn
You’ve won
You’ve lost
Before you know
They cried as you die
Time you're not fair
You never stop
Even for a while
How cruel
Sadistic you are
Einstein was right
Just an instant
As we smile
Eternities passes
When we cry
When you go
Like a thief at night
You never say goodbye
Keeps me wondering
Where you went by
Drifted in my fears
Drowning in tears
All these years
It’s me
Who’s lost in dreams
Now I can't hold you back
Even if I chase you
You are not coming back
A heart break
Panic attack
You leave us dead
On our track
Elusive you are
Full of promises
You gain our trust
Joy love and lust
Then you take us at surprise
Turning hopes to dust
I was a fool to believe in you
Youth was burnt
Believing in you
Dreams vanished
Without a trace
Drawing sorrow
On my face
I’m just a fool
Thank to you
Living in disgrace
Dizzy the head
Hasy my vision
You got me crying stoned
Laughing drunk
With your poison
Heart was full
Now it's empty
Just a hollow
Dread dead
Like autumn leaves
That withers and fell
Wish I could turn back
The hour glass
And live again
a fresh start
With a renewed heart
I’d make the same mistakes
only with joy
I’d love same girl
Only with passion
ill crack wine glasses
ill chase a dream
and you won’t fool me again
no matter how hard you tried
Like you took my smile
Ill twitch your laughter
Then we’re even
A make up
May be
I'll make you my friend
Treasure every second
I’ll laugh I’ll cry
For all the joys I’ve known
Grateful to you time
for the lessons you gave
All the love I crave
Every yet to be digged grave
and each soul you save
and all the wisdom you’ve shown
Now as my twilight years are here
My tears
Won’t bring back all the lost loves
My heart so full of regrets
For every second I’ve squandered
It’s just too late
To turn back time
So fast it flew
To eternity it fades
I dreamed
And I learned
How cruel
Is how beautiful
Under the white rays
Of the moon
Every raven should tweet
With laughter
Every parakeet should moan
With pain
For one fact remains
There are no happy endings
Then ravens and parakeets should sing
Garden’s Orchestra
All the colors of the world
When winter ends
Will melt the ice
Cheers the eyes
Twinkles the springs
Under the generous sun
Clear the skies
Every one smiles
Cool breeze
Drying our tears
Kiss away our fears
There got to be a spring

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