Wednesday, February 1, 2012


If I could have forever and hold eternity in the palm of my hands
all i need is a small sand glass & all the universe contents of sands
I won't let the sun go down each day nor let twilight sets in
as we're together in a dream another realm deep inside let's melt within
 I will hold you tight all through the night in a warm and sweet embrace
all our feelings will be one all the madness will be gone and all i see is the light of your face
When the night is through and a new day begins our love is renewed as our hearts joyfully sing
 as we're in heaven you're mine and i am thine we're drunk on wine we don't need another thing
 Just you and me together we'll soar to different heights we will explore
 as we fly free from joy to joy and as we reach ecstasy we're still thirsty for more
 We'll cross the oceans far and wide sail through the seas and roam the earth
 we will surf the wildest river and at its edge into the waterfall together we'll take the leap of faith
These dreams we will do if my wish would come true through forever and eternity i will live only for you
 these dreams we'll pursue they are true when we're one no more me no more you
Bottom of Form

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