Friday, February 24, 2012

Soft Light Rain

Calm the face as I wander
No purpose clear
Target obvious
How mad
Paper work
To prove I’m mad
With one song in my ear
Sweet of voice
The Irish angel all I hear
Summer kisses
And silly sighs
Transparent wind
To clear my mind
As I wonder
The journey started there
At the temple of her charm
The journey should end there
Between her arms
How sad
She’s the reason I’m mad
I waited all day
In the devil’s play ground
It’s been so long since we are apart
Soft light rain
Ointment on your wounds
to ease the pain
Honest the heart
With many scars
As at outrage
Lied the face
With no smile on the lips
That once had its first kiss
It’s an art that we learn
Truth is hidden
Conceal your pain
You mean nothing to me
But in your heart
There is only one name
And one truth
She means the world to you
Shut your heart
Freeze your face
To forget is just a grace
It’s an art that we learn
Time is slow like turtles
As you wonder in circles
Pain is cure… cure is pain

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