Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In my exile as my heart breaks
I’m writing this with no ink
But transparent tears
 for your loss
For how much I miss you
Singing it with my sad violin
Turning my message into a melody
Hoping that heart  will mumble my words
So they finally touch your ears
Tell me what route I should take
 I’d blind my site.  Reason I’d forsake
I’d just run your way with no hesitation
 With no map or compass to guide me
But faith
Where ever my steps takes me
 We will reunite
 In hot of the summer I’ll feel your breeze
 On my expressionless face
In cold of winter
Your memory will keep me warm
 In craziness of fall I won’t fall
 And I won’t see the beauty of spring
 Only with your eyes
 But I’ll be smiling in my way
 Day after day
I’ll read the signs to track you
 As every step you take
 Is favored with light
 Wandering the unknown of this earth
 Just to see you one more time
 I’ll be ready with a 1000 rhyme
They are all insane
To capture your heart again
 But when we finally meet
 The site of your sweet face
 Will put down all the fire
 Of my yearn in one single sigh
Then I’ll have no regret for this life
Even if i have to die

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