Thursday, March 22, 2012


Can’t think
Of anything
To make this real
Just how to tell you
The way I feel
About you
And I wonder
Do you feel it too?
Do you want me just like I do?
And how I go
Through this life
Without you
A hollow
That’s how I feel
And that moment
It looked so real
But it seemed surreal
Your smile
And those eyes
Made me fall a martyr
Rise a knight
You smiled at a dead man
And dead men can’t fight
You enslaved me
With one site
Mesmerized my soul
Captured my all
Since this moment
And until for ever
In my reverie
I’m longing for you
For so many nights
It’s you I crave
And your face I save
Carved on my heart
And I pray
That you just sway
My way
That gesture
That looks that you gave
And how pale was my face
My heart just fell
For you
But I just let go
Let go of you
So I pray
That you don’t stray
Out of my thoughts
That you just stay
Between mind and heart
And until that day
When we meet again
It’s just a drought
That’s how I feel
Do you feel it too?

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