Saturday, April 14, 2012

sweet sorrow

There was a sweet sorrow
In her voice
As she sings
There was optimism
In her words
She’s hiding
Behind twinkling terms
Like peace love hope and tomorrow
But her voice exposed that sorrow
Of the past
Where she was hurt
Where everybody’s hurt
But we moved on
And I heed her chants
With the crowd
Like the thunder
From the clouds
Announcing the lightening storm
And the heavy rain
Her sweet voice
Held soothing words
To ease my pain
So Let it rain
Upon my wounds
Let it rain
To wash my scars away
Let her voice storms the crowd
With no other sound
But the sad guitar
Adding salt
To my new born scar
So I would remember
My love
How far
But how close
To my heart
And how unfair
That we’re apart

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