Tuesday, April 24, 2012

take me where the feeling is right

Take my hand
Walk me out of here
Don’t go mad
I’m in despair
I can’t see it in your eyes
I don’t feel it in your touch
So take my hand
And take me away from here
Take me where the feeling is right
In the end of this dark tunnel
Show me out to the light
That’s so bright
It breaks my eyes
But your hand in mine
And I’m feeling fine
Take me to the end of the fight
Where no losers here
Win my heart
Win my heart back
Like you did before
It’s not the end of the road
I’m coming back for more
So take my hand
Hold me before I faint
I’m the sinner
Be a saint
Here my story
Started with you
And how it ends
I’d die for you
Say it’s all forgiven my child
Clear out the doubt off my mind
So we may land safely
Where ever you take me
Take me where the feeling is right
Say it’s over
Hold me tight
Let me feel your love for me
Let me hear your heart
Ease my pain
I’m going insane
Just take me
Where the wine gets us high
Where your hello makes me smile
Where we had the best of times
But don’t you take me
To the fatal Goodbye

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