Saturday, June 30, 2012

And then at night

And then at night
When darkness veils or world
People invade my bar
I serve them wine
I serve them happiness and sorrows
I hear whispers of loves from those far couple tables
And I hear desperate whining at the bar
Then the place gets full
And all I hear is murmurs of the sound H
Billiard balls crack with glasses of wine
A laugh her another there
The night goes on and on
And at the dawn
When everybody leave
Here I stay
Washing glasses
Watching loneliness sneaking into my tormented soul
Cracking my most sacred doors
Devours me
Inside and out
I feel hollow
Everything I touch turns into weeps
I creep onto the ground
With the broom in my hands
I gaze into an imaginary point
Hanged between ceiling and floor
Where I can see your smile
Where everyone has a home to return too
You were my home
And here I stay
As I close my eyes
Wishing I would die
Wishing that you’d be last thing I see
Before my spirit leaves my immortal body and fly

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