Thursday, June 21, 2012

At her rocks

Taken by the mystery
Of her smile
My courage breaks
At the rocks
Wave after wave
Like the sea
My courage just breaks
Like a butterfly
I don’t know why
I’m attracted
To her fire
And her fire
Is the fuel
To my desire
But my courage breaks
Afraid to be burnt
In her fire
But her smile
It just tempt me
Should I?
Would I?
I’ve been hurt before
Shards of me
Turned to dust
I can’t trust
Love and lust
Isn’t for me
But I’m taken
By her smile
And the mystery
Of her sigh
I wouldn’t hide it
I can’t lie
I can’t fight  it
I would fly
A butterfly
To her fire
By her light
I feel light
As I kissed her lips
In my dream
I chant her name
In a melody
Of her and me
I just say
Taken by her smile
Just few steps
Between me and her
To get there
But my courage breaks
At her rocks

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