Sunday, June 17, 2012

If i'm to scream

I can’t see myself on the face of the lake
i'm a ghost
like the ghost
that remains
of the love
that we had
i don't see myself
only if i'm reflected
in your smile
and in your smile
i felt alive
and now my heart beats
but i'm a ghost
wandering in a quest
to relocate the light
and where i stand
at the lake
as i smile
the lake just frown
from the tears
that fell down
and my sorrow
made it bitter
all the life
all around it
just as pale
as my smile
Since we’re apart
Vanished in sadness
I don’t forgive myself for this mistake
I broke your heart
And I don’t feel the heat on my face
It’s hell fire out there
But I’m frozen to the bones
It makes no sense
If we’re not together
I’m just vanished
We are meant for each other
Since we kissed here at the lake
We were bonded until for ever
If I’m to talk
If I’m to think
If I’m to whisper
If I’m to talk it would be all about you
If I’m to think all I’m thinking is to win you back
If I’m to scream
I’m to scream
It’s your name
And where to find you
I’m at the lake
Our favorite place
And all the couples all around
I don’t feel found
Stand my ground
Until you’re back
Would you save me
Please come back and save me

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