Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Morning Blues

Fighting morning blues
With a broken smile
Nailed to a dream
Called victory
In the that ditch
where all the boys
Yearning their homes
They hold on to papers
Writing letters to their women
Tears and blood
When and how they survive this
And how precious a moment
When they’re finally home
With their loved ones in their arms
and so they all fall
blood here
grief back home
Where I have no one to call my own
Watching them fall
Who’s that mighty that can get me killed?
Where I have no one to long for
To write for
To go back for
Where I call this battlefield home sweet home
And I hold on to my sword
And as they fall
Nothing could harm me
So I petty all the boys both sides
This war will endure
But it won’t be won
And as they shouted a retreat
I marched forward
All eyes aimed on me
Faster than arrows as I ran
Suppressing their wits
Straight to captain
Through and through
Torn by my blade
With all the boys became one with their swords
A defeat turned into glorious victory
And all it took was one hit
You son of a gun
Who’s that mighty that can dodge your hit?

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