Saturday, June 30, 2012

O beloved

O beloved
Can you hear me
When I think of you
Because I believed
You said we’re one
O beloved
Can you feel me
When I’m in pain
when yearning attacks me
Because now you’re gone
Then at night
When it strikes me
With no mercy
when I’m lonely
All we had
Turned to memories
And it won’t let me be
Embraces me like a dear old friend
Consumes me
And I can’t help it
But to call you
Would you be there for me
When all my ships set sail of my shore with no return
Would you through your anchor at my shore
Would you burn this map and your sails
Would you dump your campus in the sea
Would I be your final destination
would you sink this ship that takes you away from me
O beloved
Come back to me

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