Thursday, June 21, 2012

paint the wall with my brain... but leave me not

Hey girl
You ma dream girl
Only prettier
So be tender
Have mercy
On the gambler
Cause I would bet
All I’ve got
Just on you
Cause you’re the one
So hear me out
If I don’t find the right words
But you’re the right one
In the right time
I promise you
I’d be kind
I’d be thoughtful
I’d be fun
To be around
So paint the wall
With my brain
But don’t you
Leave me stranded
Paint my realm
With a dream
Of you and I
To you
I’ll be addicted
Be my drug
Be my cure
Get me high
Fill my space
Draw a smile
On my face
Paint tomorrow
With you sweetness
With no sorrow
Paint my thoughts
With your wildness
Give me a reason
To survive
And be that reason
Why I’m alive
Have mercy
On the drunk
With your kindness
Paint the wall
With my brain
But leave me not
Turn my pages
They’re all clear
They’re all blank
Cause I’ve been waiting
Just for you to appear
And shine one me
To show me light
In the darkness
With your smile
That I adore
Be the savior
To my soul
Cause I’m drowning
Since I met you
Pull me out
Of my fears
And wrap me warm
Of all the tears
That I would shed
If you don’t love me
Like I do
I’ll drop dead
So paint a smile
On my face
Say you love me
Don’t be shy
Don’t ask me why
It’s just you that I want
All I need
I found in you
All I need
Just a gesture
Of yes I do

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