Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poor my heart

Poor my heart
How many times
I need to tell you
Don’t you fall
Poor my heart
how many times
I have to remind
You were already broken
For the same lies and now
You’re falling
You’re falling
Poor my heart
Some hearts are meant to be
Happy in love
They’re flying
They’re flying
But you aint that kind of hearts
Now look at you
You’re falling
You’re falling
You’re such a heart
With so many scars
But you didn’t learn
You still yearn
The good old days
Ready to lean
But I gotta warn ya
You the kinda heart
That’s mean to be broken
Now at the cleft
I wont hold on to you
Let’s leap
Let’s scream
So she may hear
Would she save us
As we’re falling
We’re falling

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