Friday, June 15, 2012

Song my heart forever sing

If time was mine to command
I would let the moon stand still
Sending his gray light upon this green hill
Since you're gone my tears are running
Rivers of hope extinguishing yearning dark of hell
My heart is empty and hard as granite
This fate that befalls us so hard to accept
This outraging sense of reject
Under the dark sky
I sigh
I call you with no disgrace or regret
Who am I to you?
Teach me not to cry
And to be happy
My love
Teach me to forget
If I could turn back time
I won't let the tears fall from your eyes
I’ll kiss every teardrop
Every inch of your face
Your tears ill devour
So your fears I’d share
Where ever your heart takes you
I promise to be there
Just for you
I’ll show you tenderness
And care
Within your spirit
I’ll dive to the depth
I let sadness turns into peace and divine grace
I’ll be your coal
I’ll burn for you
Even if I turn to dust
To keep you warm
All your wishes
Are my holy quest
I’ll give you my all
My heart your throne
Your arms my home
You be my shelter
Your scent my perfume
My sacred garden
My home
You'll be my light
In the dark of night
The air I breathe
My reason to live
The joy to give
Between you arms
Where I belong
You’re my song
That my heart forever sings

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