Wednesday, June 20, 2012

vengeance served cold

As I stand before a queen
I find myself helpless
As a condemned murderer
A serial killer
It’s I who slain many victims
At the altar of my shoreless pride
It’s I who tempted all of them
In the name of terms I never believed in
Beauty Love Tender and commitment
As I stand before her I see eternity
I see everlasting salvation
I see my guilt heavy as my pride
I hear their weeping
I could taste the bitterness
Of Effeminate treason
That I fed them
In empty wine glasses
Empty vows
For a momentary pleasure
Lust at night
Then vanished under the morning sun
I could feel all the souls
I devoured in the name of trust
Ravaging my heart
My pointless fight
Before the queen
I find myself helpless
And as we gazed
I knew she would break me
And my pride
I knew that little talk between our eyes
My first words would be the last
Before I shatter at the might of her beauty
It is
And all the girls I deceived
I could hear them laughing at my shards
Broken mirror
Reflecting my lies
As they look at me
They will see how ugly I was
In the ugliness reflected
At cold vengeance
She put me on fire
And it will take eternity to cool down
My first words were my last
As I saw all the girls I hurt in that queen
Forgive me I don’t find the words to describe your beauty
She smiled and talked to the bartender
Serve this gentleman something
Its cheesy night
Cheesy chat up line

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