Friday, June 15, 2012

what say you

What say you
For all the tears
I shed
Through all those years
I buried my head
Not to face you
What say you
Of my shame
I’ve lost the  game
I was so scared to play
In my shame I stay
Day after day
Watching my youth
Burning away
I was so scared to lose
Now that I lost you
I have only myself
To blame
I have only myself
To blame
What say you
My dearest of all
You left a scar in my heart
Would never heal
Deep in my soul
The pain is real
What say you
You were the 1st and the last
To love me
I loved you back
You broke the seal
With sweet promises
Our love will last
What say you
Dearest of all
My heart you stole
And you captured my soul
And now
You want to leave
So turn around
I won’t stop you
Just leave
Don’t watch me weep
I don’t need you
To see me creep
Spare me this moment
Of dignity
Then I have a life time to grieve

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