Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chain love letter

It was the year 1997
Where I 1st step foot into heaven
I don’t remember who was the 1st that smiled
But I remember the waffles
We both ordered waffle to go
It was December
She ordered waffle with chocolate
And ice-cream topping
I said I’ll have that too
And I remember her smile
We had our little talk
He name was Nancy
And I wished
That the waffles would take eternity
The guy came back
We were laughing with goy
He said waffle for the happy couple
I remember her face turned red
Like the sun sets in the far horizon
Drawing a hundred colors in the sky
Drawing a hundred million promise
So I said please to meet you
She said the pleasure was all mine
I turned around and walked steady short slow steps toward the door
She touched my hand with hers
So I looked into her
I remember her smile
We walked to the rocks at the sea
And there by the rhythm of the waves
Scattered sea salty water on our faces
She was soluble as the waffles
Sweet like the ice cream
Vigor Determined serene just like the sea
And I remember her kiss
I felt the world whirling around us
We were Nucleus
All the stars the galaxies
The light the shade the moon and the sun
Whirling around us
As I pulled my head back
We both were blinking
A slow smile
2 young kids has just had their 1st kiss
As she moved her head from right to left
From left to right
I just said
I love you
She threw herself on my shoulders
We took a bottle and we wrote our story
It was short
We wrote our vows
A massage in the bottle
We cast the bottle in the sea
We will never be apart
Our love will live forever
If anyone found this bottle
Please add you name
And the name of your love
And throw it in the sea
For a chain lover letter will pass
Through all of eternity

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