Monday, July 23, 2012

How Can I

why we are irritated by grains of sand in our eyes
and we were creatures of sands
and sands we will dive deep within for eternity
why we get bored of time
and time is all what we've got
then we regret an instant we lost in vain
we moan we yearn an instant made us happy
and why we're afraid of death
and death is the time to reap all we planted all through our lives
and it's the price we have to pay to be reunited with our loved ones
those we gave farewells
why pretty girls are offended by flirting
and flirting was made for them to be wooed
and why i forbid flirting from leaving my mouth
if its not gonna touch your ears
how can i forget you
how can i forget you and where ever i go i see your silhouette fighting you and it embraces me
breakin my ribs
squeezing my heart
a shiver take over my body
shaking me
crushing my all
then my eyes shed the tears
but rather blood
tell me how can i forget you
how to let go
and your are my life, my life doesnt worth its shade
since you're gone
my life is gone with you
and i became shade of a man
shade of a life
a life that has lost it's colours
it's black prevailed on the white and  details was lost in it's gloom
robbed out of it's senses
lost without a guide
how can i forget you
and you tought me terms i could never know if i didn't knew you
and i knew you
when your smile reflected on my eyes
gave them a sparkle of joy
drew a smile on my face
smile for a smile
terms you tought me their meanings
like hope
bright of tomorrow
even hate
and forgiveness
and happiness
now that you're gone and your light has left me
my dictionary is all faded
but one name
your name
and all what's left for me
shadows of all the beauty you made me see
you left me in labyrinth
and i'll remember you untill we're reunited

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