Monday, July 23, 2012

I found God

I find myself wiser than my age,
But I feel haven’t seized my colorful youth

I trapped myself between books
preaching about goodness and warnings of evil
I couldn’t accept them and I ran into alcohol and lust and pleasures of life
To tease the religious in me, to challenge the mercy of my lord
Will he accept me when I finally will be found
Then I realized I was looking for God in all the wrong places
I found that evil is relative and so was goodness
To be good toward an evil soul that’s just as evil as being evil to an innocent
I found God in the smile of orphans when I gave them something to eat
I saw God as I helped a blind old lady crossing the street
i saw God when i strike with no mercy against a murderer or a child melester,,,
i found God when i saw that nothing we do goes in vain
and even a tiny smile in the face of a stranger
will be rewarded in our life

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