Thursday, July 26, 2012

my last song

I sing...
I sing for sunrays through colorful cloudy sky
Dispels the cruelty of winter cold
I sing for morning dew moisturize the green leaves
Giving them luster and glaze
I sing for a painter in the streets in downtown
To add a smile to the desperate model on his canvas
I sing for the cold of departure
I sing for the yearning lovers
I sing for a new born 1st cry
I sing the misery of chronic weeping eyes went dry
I sing for a late tryst lover’s sigh
I sing for my first love
I sing for my many loves
I sing for my home I’ve never seen
I sing for refugees
I sing for rejoice
I sing for torments
I think for hope and I sing for tomorrow
I sing making them cheer
And I can sing to make them weep
And now I sing for you
You came to my life and now I sing from the heart
Hoping you be my sacred song
Written with tears and blood
Written on stone to ever last
Written on my heart
Written to embrace and to chant
You’re my song
And I sing it from my heart that you fill with one truth
One love made you my home and my destination
And I sing it with ecstasy
Hoping you be my last song
Where to run for
And where I belong

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