Monday, July 23, 2012

In a Savior's Arms

There is a place inside my brain
A tiny place that I locked many times
This place won’t let me in peace
A song an image a movie a place I’ve been to
They crack that place opened
Avalanche of all sad memories
Fall into one place
I couldn’t what if if I could
Guilt heavy as my cowardice
I’m sorry to you
But above all I’m sorry for myself
That I lost everything
And I couldn’t forgive my self
Full of regret
There a place in my heart
Where I’d like to be
Where I’d like to spend my time at
That place in my heart
It has no door
And many windows
All the ways leads to that place
An escape from my past
A smile to the daylight
A promise to tomorrow
I’d make it right
This place has many names
Forgiveness happiness and peace
And the two places seems hazy
I’m lost in the middle and I’m drowning in between
Waiting for a savior
And in their arms
I might be redeemed

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