Monday, July 23, 2012

Our memories

You are like my shadow that follows me everywhere I go
You haunt me like a ghost from a long time ago
You invade my thoughts night and days
Till my head's in a spin
You are the only love of my life
That I can't forget no matter how long it has been
You enslaved my spirit and wrapped yours to mine
As a gift within the borders of the unlimited joy
That makes you who you are
We’re just drowning into each other
And I wonder how you invaded my privacy
And how come I liked it
How could you plant your flag made of silk of light on the land of shadows of my loneliness
And I just loved it
It’s just a game and I thought I’m the master
Now I know that I started to learn the ABC's
I’m just a tiny drop in your wide deep blue seas
But it was out of our hands
We both fought but we couldn't conquer fate
At the cross road our dream was taken away
And I woke up on a scream
Where are you now
You left me locked on that throne in your mind
You just forgot me there
As your brain etched I’m in heartache
And now that you're gone
All those years full of fears all the tears
For the memory
I still hold on
And all the while
With sorrow in my heart
Our memories keep a smile
On my face

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