Thursday, July 26, 2012

psychoses II

right now all i need is a friend
i think i'm dead
may be this is the afterlife
we know nothing about it
may be it look exactly the same
a second chance
to correct your mistakes
to repent
to meet the right person
to find God
in the most far places you've never imagined
but to meet the right person
those faces
those words
all the craziness of the world
and my past
are haunting me
and i think i'm dead
i still get sick
i still eat
i still bleed if you or anything cut me
and i still remember you
but it doesnt make any sense
and i'm still waiting for that brave someone
who can smash me into reality
you're still alive
and she's gone
she's gone man she's gone
get yourself together
and Just move on

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