Saturday, July 28, 2012

psychoses IV

misguided but determined i was
deluded by illusions of confident
and i am no quitter
i stalked my dream
but my dream denied me
i knew it
but it didn't recognize me
and i watched hope grows smaller
the more i walk toward it
and i sensed time goes slower
as i ran toward it
out of aim
i cried my way to the middle of nowhere
waved by voices and visions
my legs took me to where wreckage belong
to the middle of nowhere
i cried a river
and another river drained dry
i let a prayer
and i lied on green grass
wondering if i'm alive
or is it the world that is dead
and i saw a skeleton lying besides me
my legs took me to where they can't walk any more
i was on tracks
a dog barked from behind
i was so sad to get scared
i was so carless to look at him
but by the sound of it
it must have been a monster
is any of this really happened
frankly i had no clue
and i still have no clue
but i'm sure that my dream has denied me
and i had no reason to live
light from the distance
seems blurry
but i kept walking
it was fire
i lost my ID
my wallet
my cell
i know the deads can dance
i know they might be happy
they might be sad
they might be in a better place
they might be burning in hell
they might wish to return
but what i know for sure
they need no ID

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