Friday, August 3, 2012


Damn my pride and damn yours
Here’s our story
How it starts and how it goes
She just knew that I loved her
True I did but
I’ll be dead
Before I tell her
Damn you pride
Behind that wall as we were walking
As I was dreaming
And that voice
Inside my head saying
She’s the one
In that instant
At the gate we collided
All the distance all between us is just a foot
As our eyes met our spirits melt
Eyes widely opened jaw just dropped
For a minute we just stood
As we gazed at each other

All the words all the flirting
Between our eyes
In our heart will remain for ever
It’s so clear we’ve just fallen for each other
But damn our pride
She just ran so I followed
Climbed the stairs
I just followed
How and why
By her charms I was drawn
In my ears music played
They’re just singing
She’s the one
Then I stopped what I am doing
It was meant that we met
Just go home
You’re a toad and she’s a queen
3 minutes later
At another door our eyes met
With a friend to the left
And her girlfriend
To the right again we gazed
With a million question
In our minds
A million beats
Of our hearts
It’s just insane
We didn’t fall for each other
We just hugged
Not each other
But our friends
We needed this
To calm the rhythm
Of our racing hearts
So damn you pride
Then few weeks later
2 lost souls as we’re walking
And our minds drifted
In some dream
But as we passed by each other
We just looked
Our eyes met for in instant
Nothing happened
We kept walking
None looked back
It’s all over
We killed the love
In our young hearts
That’s our story
How it started and how it went
So damn my pride.
And damn yours
And those eyes of yours
They just lure
In all the moors and all the toads
They worship you
Except me
But here’s the truth
Between you and me
You’re a goddess
You’re the goddess of all lust
All the women are just shadows
I don’t see them
All the beauties right besides you
They would just
Turn to dust
You’re the goddess of all the lust
And I can speak a 1000 lies
I can write 1000 rhymes
A 1000 spells
But here’s the truth
I just love you…
I just love you
Hold me tight
I just love you
It must feel right
I just love you
And this light
In your eyes
Your charming eyes
You won’t believe
So let me leave
Let me leave and rest in peace
On our graves
As they’re cry us
With dry tears
With no names and no dates
On our grave
They will write
Lonely lived and lonely died
Damn their pride

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