Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whirling dervish

Eyes are roaming the horizon
my compass is whirling in the speed of sound
like a mad dervish
That day
One sweet day
When she smiled at me
I drifted away
I wanted to break free
I was broken already
I wasn’t ready
Didn’t want to scare you away
But that day
And that sweet smile
The flash of your eyes
Stuck in my mind
Can’t you see?
I had no faith
you gave it back to me
I was blinded by rage
And I just couldn’t see
Am now in the wild open sea
Wasn’t that real
When you smiled at me
Now am shattering
And drowning in thee
Why didn’t you leave your beacon on?
Why don’t you smile again?
That sparkle in your eye
In my heart will remain
I still believe
Your love I can regain
I’m drowning in thee
So pull me out
All my thoughts of you
Left me in drought
You’re out of sight
But your smile still haunting me
It’s like history has stopped
Since I ran away
It’s just wasn’t right
I’m stuck in that day
Lost in the darkness
so light that beacon
and once again
please smile at me

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