Tuesday, September 4, 2012


A hundred million thoughts racing in my mind
Full moons migraines werewolf fairy tales
As it gets me sad stoned mad drunk
Blending my thoughts all into one
All the truths into one

Aint no truth
Aint no fun
But gets me careless reckless brave
Starting a war leading and conquer many lands
Earring titles and treasures that was never found
Gets me yearn the good all days when I was sane
Gets me yearn the good old girl that I once loved
Gets me high up in the sky in a state of rapture
But usually gets me empty
I feel dead
I wake up in the morning with no memories of the night before
Dizzy the head
Hazy my sight
I see visions from faraway places
Far future
When everything we have will be lost
A hundred million thoughts raging in my head
Aint no truth But one
I’m the Lord’s servant
The Lord is one