Monday, November 12, 2012


Can't you see
She means the world to me
And the world won't let us be
Like a bird in her cage
Like a whale away from the ocean was thrown in the dead sea
whenever i raid her chamber
Under the blue moonlight
Drawn by the light of her darkest sphere bewitched eyes
Sparkle of diamonds on her nick burning with desire at night
Curved foxy smile welcomes me right
Waterfall rubbing smoothie chest of Persian precious stones
As you see your face on her lustrous breast
As she's all lost in her Swagger to her mirror and the brush
It's the heat of the night or the fire in my heart her cheeks blush
was she shy or the wine got her high
As she saw me on the mirror she let a moan i let a sigh
Reddish dark silky of her hair as we held tight
Aroma of her fragrance get me stoned at sight
Even if she hasn't used any perfume her scent flight
Wild Thoroughbred mare free of saddle
As she danced to my music all through night
But the fire in my heart kept on burning until the dawn broke bright
Free and wild will always be in my hiding spot just a scout I'm not a knight
Prying used my eagle eye at the princess from a distance to my heart i can't hold tight
So keep the distance or you'll be shot she's princess you're just a scout
One last look with so much grief
Just one kiss on the lips
Just one touch of her hands in mine
Just one bottle of white french wine
my hand just slipped through her fingers as we kissed goodbye
Just one dance all the dark hours of the night slipped in moments
through her fingers we cursed the sunrise as we promised our next tryst when the 1st star shines at dusk announce the mystery of the night
As all i wanted from a princess was one kiss keeps me going through the day under the sunlight it's all gloomy dim time i can't fight
It won't matter if my heart for one second has just stopped when we part her warm kiss will keep it pumping till next time inside her chamber we reunite

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