Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i knew it's you

I love you
Like no other ever loved
Like I can’t live without you
For a moment without you is eternity of emptiness
I love you be mine I am thine so be mine because I loved you
Unconditionally I’m insane
So ease my pain
Be mine again
For a moment without you is eternity in hell of sorrow
My heart turns hollow with screaming crows
Waiting for tomorrow
When our fingers mingle
I feel tingle
For a moment without you is eternity in hell of emptiness
I feel dread
I feel I’m dead
For a smile a mile away as the air carries your scent
And your light of your eyes you light my heart
Scaring crows away
Hold me tight
Bring the white of doves
Calms my heart
Eternal peace between your arms
For your laughter is my Eden
Be mine until nothing tears us apart
I’m thine
And my love toward you
Has no end and no beginning
I knew
I knew it’s you
When we first met
I knew how I felt
In your Elysium my heart flew like a feather
Like no other
I loved you
Because I loved you so be mine I’m yours be mine I loved you

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