Monday, November 26, 2012

If I die Tonight

If I die tonight
I lived my life
I have no regrets
For what I’ve done
I had all fun
But it wasn’t fun
What’s done is done
I had so many beers
I shed so many tears
I scared away all my fears
And I’m still alive
It wasn’t fun
I didn’t feel the light or the warmth of the sun
I didn’t enjoy the cool breeze of summer’s night
I didn’t fight
I didn’t fight
I didn’t fight for what I stand for
I’m still thirsty for some more
More fun
More full moons
More of the warm sun
If tonight I drop dead
I won’t be afraid
Because I’ve done so well in my life
And I was a good kid
I enjoyed all the beers
And all the tears just set me free
To be as I wanted to be
I don’t repent
And if I die tonight
I’m no fighter
But I did fight
To make throw the darkest night
And I conquered all my fears
With nothing but bittersweet tears
And I will yearn
The good all days
When I was free
To be what I wanted to be
Not my mold made me
And if I die tonight
I’ll have no regrets for my life
I’ll feel alive
Because I left so many smiles
On many faces
And all the memories
In many places
If I die tonight
I won’t miss this life
Because you were my life
And I miss you
Until we reunite
Please angle of death
Come and collect my soul
Reap my nick
I’m just sick
Of being alive
And feeling dead
Without her in my life
I’m just a zombie
A living dead

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