Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Psychoses X one voice

What can I say to find that pleasure?
One smile of yours
Deep within and all in between
One voice in my head
Or a million attempt
Until the moment I’m dead
One voice in my head prevails
Never give her up
And all dies down
What should I do to gain your trust to gain your love
I think I’m givin up
I think I can’t stop
Can’t stop lovin you
My dearest of all
My one and only
My all
I can't take it any more
And I think you don't love me back
A sudden death
A heart attack
Brain damaged
My soul is wounded
I’ve been in love before
I’ve been to hell before
But never like this
Nothing like that smile
In the psychotic head
May be I’m dead
Before you really smiled at me
And I’m in love with every smile you smiled and I’ve never seen
Every laughter of your sweet lips
Every time I think how sweet would be your kiss
Every teardrop
A heavy rain
And every...
Every time I try to let go
I see you in a dream
It’s all hazy
Enough… never enough
It’s just crazy I’m bound to my chains
Everlasting pain
Without you
And I can't let go
One voice in my head

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