Saturday, November 17, 2012

Psychoses XI All In vain

Too much caffeine
Too much sorrow
Endless pain
My happy days seem far away
True love gone in vain
I was mad
Mad about her
And when she left
Now I’m insane
Too many voices in my head
I thought she’s dead
And I was dead
Without her in my life
Screaming in the blue noise
Suppressing my voice
And no one can hear me
Too much yells in vain
She gave me joy
She gave me hope in tomorrow
Now she’s gone
Too many plans
Too many prayers
All in vain
All in vain
Too much love gone in vain
One chance that I wasted
Too much love gone in vain
One voice in my head is too much for being insane
Too much time
Too many rhymes
I adore her still
All in vain
I recovered
Back from death
I adore her still
Before I shoot her off my life
Ill drop dead
I’m ill
Too much love gone in vain
All my life
All my dreams for tomorrow
Without her
All gone in vain

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