Saturday, November 17, 2012

psychoses XII permanent traveler

The voice of sadness too bleak too weak
The pain though hurts beyond any
Tears refuse to flow
As the heart overflows
Sobs stay hidden beneath
As a sigh escapes
Lips sealed
Heart mended
Yet a sea of emotions floats in my eyes
my feelings are dispersed within hearts that I can't find
and I feel crumbled into myself without you by my side
emotions so strong and I can't contain
my hands tremble
I feel weak
I can't speak
my soul is scattered into too many eyes i can't meet
but I’m drowning into my own lake of fire
as the eyes I want to meet
I can no longer seek
And as I wonder in the streets
In the café
On the sidewalk to the garden
Near the lake
I feel lost
In too many places
I see you in all the faces
I feel lost
I’m everywhere
In the past where we said our first I love you
A permanent traveler
When we said our vows
About the future
And now you’re gone
I feel lost in the timeline
Abandoned like an old church
Neglected like an old book on a shelf of that church
I feel unholy
Omitted rhyme on that book that was wiped
I wipe my tears
But one escapes into the lake
My reflection waves
And I see you in my heart
A broken smile
One last rhyme
I feel lost like a green leaf on that leak fell too early
With all the widows
I’m the youngest
One last tear that I won’t sob
We’ll meet again in a dream

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